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Access our extensive library of free Arabic lessons. Learn Arabic grammar, practice Arabic conversation, understand Fusha (Qu'ranic Arabic).

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We understand that our learners come from diverse backgrounds. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates Islamic aspects, bridging language and faith. Whether you’re Muslim or not, we’ve got you covered.


“This is an excellent online Arabic teaching programme. I have found it most beneficial and really feel that it enables me to progress in a most convenient way with both Tajweed and Arabic language lessons„
“I am very pleased with the Madinah Arabic 1 to 1 classes they provide individualized design and curriculum that fits each student differently meeting all there needs like personalized class time which is very important as well as moving in the curriculum at your own pace„
“I am writing about the Madinah Arabic Tuition Centre after approximately 3 months of having my 5 year-old son become an online student of the centre. Madinah Arabic excels in many areas. My son has now memorized 9 Surahs of Juz Amma besides Al Fateha with only weekly classes„
Annabelle Drummond, UK
Nafeisa Abdalla-Reed, USA
Umm Omar, USA
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